Nance Kruh-Meyer

Nance Kruh-Meyer

I have always been very athletic and never really had a weight problem until I went off to college-since my college days I always battled the last 5 lbs., but all in all I was always very slim and healthy looking. After college I got in really terrific shape with step aerobics, stair-climbing, and weight training. It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I really had a weight problem to speak of. I just couldn’t get the last 15 lbs. off! To my horror, at the gym I had a bodycomp done and my body fat % was 27.5!!!! I went to weight watchers and did very well there except for the last 10 lbs. I decided to try a personal trainer, because I wanted to feel toned and healthy again. The first day we worked together he told me that diet was 75% of the key to success, that I could do every exercise in the book and do it right but what I was fueling my body with was crucial!

That same day I read a magazine article about you, your lifestyle, and your book and I immediately ran out to buy it. I love it!! I was still discouraged, I needed someone to talk to and encourage me. For the heck of it, I dialed your toll free number, expecting to get some impersonal secretary and you answered the phone. You listened to me and gave me advice, sent me diet logs, fat finder, and literature to help start me out! You sincerely cared about me, someone you had never met, and encouraged me to keep in touch and keep you up to date on my success!! I started cooking all your recipes-the big “fave” of the house was the Seafood Rice Casserole. I’d make it for dinner and bring it for lunch the next day. I love all the recipes and so does my family!

Well, the next time my body fat was tested it was 23% and the last time it was 21%. I suspect it’s even lower now as I have maintained my weight loss of al 15 lbs. for well over a year now and I would have to say the combination of regular exercise and eating the FAT FREE way is the key to my success! Your recipes are fabulous and easy to make and make eating healthy fun and easy. Thanks for everything! I love the new me!!

Nance Kruh-Meyer,

Merrick, NY