What People Are Saying

“Jyl’s contribution to a healthier people and planet is vital and revolutionary for the next generation. These recipes are a game changer and the whole family will love this! When the whole family is included in the process in a way that relevant, engaging and informative; it changes lives and heals generations.” -Alkemia Earth/ Energetic Alignment Coach + Certified Energy Practitioner 

“Check out Jyl with the skills improving and making recipes fresh again. As an educator it’s hard to see young people without the resources to have a healthy mind and body and Jyl’s cookbook is one of resources you’ll need to transform the health of your family.” Dr. Ietef “Dj Cavem” Vita/ founder of eco hip-hop 

Hello Jyl,

As you know I recently received your cookbook “Think Outside the Lunchbox” as a gift.  First you need to know I am a cookbook junky. Anything to do with plant based meals and diets end up in my possession. Magazines are no exception.

There are so many things so far I love and appreciate about this book. The recipes are simple and easy to follow. Most ingredients are staples I already Stock in my refrigerator and pantry. The grocery list on the bottom of each recipe makes it so easy to flip through and decide what to make. Most other recipe books either omit a grocery list or give you a weeks worth of ingredients to purchase. I find that very difficult. I end up spending twice as much at the grocery store and end up with so much waste.

The other thing I love about your recipes are all the choices and how delicious they have been.  I especially appreciate the variety that contain mostly vegetables, grains and nuts. I personally do not want my food to taste like meat, chicken or fish. I find too many recipes elsewhere trying to imitate the taste of animal products, especially in sauces and casseroles.

I can not do justice to how tasty the Beefless Stew and Ratatouille Sauce are. I substituted sweet potatoes in the Stew and used the Ratatouille Sauce over spaghetti Squash. Both were heavenly.  Others have been just as good.  I’m looking forward to continuing making and experimenting with all the recipes in Think Outside the Lunchbox”.  All though I love salads, it’s such a pleasure to be able to create and enjoy a hot delicious home made plant based meal.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, stomach and tastebuds.


Julie Glass

“We thoroughly enjoy the recipes in this cookbook and look forward to implementing some at our immersions.” – Tom and Andrea Dunnam, Total Health Immersions, LLC

I’ve made the Tropical Muesli several times now, adding cashew milk. I wouldn’t normally say oatmeal is refreshing, but I do now!!


Meryl A. Fury, MS, RN
Plant Based Nutrition Movement