March – National Nutrition Month

Tip: Make one simple change each day of the month

And stick with the changes you make
It only takes two weeks for habits to form
So think of the strides you can take.
Preserves on your toast not the butter
Eggs, just leave out all the yolks
Tuna without all the mayo
Makes happier and healthier folks.

Start the month off with a food diary-write down everything you eat or drink, when you eat it and how you feel before and after (hungry, bored, lonely, tired) you eat. Divide your paper into five sections each day-one for each food group (grains, pasta and breads; vegetables and fruit; dairy products; protein; fats, sweets and oils). Put a “mark” in each column for every serving-tally up your score each day and see where you may be lacking or overdoing it a bit. Don’t overwhelm your body or your mind-slow, simple changes make for lifelong, healthy habits.