J. Florence Whitney

Dear Jyl,

J. Florence Whitney

Enclosed are the photos you requested. The only “befores” I could find were in the Ladies Club Album. So I scanned them into my computer, then printed copies. If you decide you can use them, I can get the original negatives from our club photographer. The two “after” photos were taken with my digital camera and I printed them also.

My guess is that the magazine people will want photos of someone who is younger, and who looks more svelte than I ever will. (Not that I’m unhappy with the results of my lifestyle change.) It’s amazing, even to me, the difference in how I look and feel.

I really appreciate you speaking to me on the phone the other day. I was expecting an order taker in an office, not the author. I really do like the book and use a fair amount of the recipes. Of course, cookbooks have been a passion of mine. I have in excess of 550 books. I like to read them as many people read novels.

I’m sure my brother will like your book as well. I’m looking forward to your newsletter. Let me know if the photos are all right. You don’t need to return them unless it is convenient. For reference, I have given the closest dates possible for the “before”. The “after” dates are different, as my camera dates everything.

I started my diet July 3, 1998. I reached my lowest weight in about 18 months. My husband & I also started walking at the same time. The first weeks it was all I could do to walk 1/2 mile, round-trip. We finally got to 1 3/4 miles round-trip, daily and sometimes 2 1/2 miles. We still walk almost every day.

Sorry this letter is so long.


J. Florence Whitney