Plant Based Desserts

by Shawna Dolzonek

Even after a filling dinner, everyone can make room for dessert. Sweet, salty or a combination of both can satiate everyone’s sweet tooth. When living a plant based lifestyle, there are still plenty tasty treats to be consumed.

Converting older, well loved recipes is always a great place to start. Swapping eggs, butter and milk, turn a traditional recipe into an ungraded plant based version. Flax meal, chia seeds and pumpkin puree are a few substitutes for eggs(1). A specialty store is not needed for these items as they can be found locally. Plant based butters are easier to locate than they used to be. Typically they can be found at a local grocery store alongside regular butter. Milk substitutes are bountiful; oat, almond, cashew, and coconut are a few.

A great post dinner sweet snack for everyone in the family can be a fruit smoothie. Packed with fruits and vegetables, smoothies are tasty and full of nutrients the body needs(2). Smoothies are a great way to include more fruits and vegetables into the diets of those who are picky eaters. Spinach, kale, peanut butter and seeds all can be added into smoothies to give a little extra flavor.

Toast is an underrated dessert for all. Creating sweet toast is easy and fun. Top toast with some peanut butter, honey and a dash of cinnamon. Hand mashing berries to top toast with is a great way to involve children in the process of creating their own food.

Cutting up assorted fruit is also a great and nutritious dessert. Strawberries, banana, oranges, apples, mango and any other favorite fruit can be used to make a fruit platter. This platter can include some melted chocolate for dipping or a plant based yogurt.

Blending up fruits such as bananas and strawberries and coconut milk then freezing creates a plant based “ice cream”. This is perfect for those hot days and banana gives the tasty treat a smooth and creamy consistency. When making mine, I throw in some peanut butter and soy protein for an added boost.

Creating plant based desserts are fun and can involve the entire family. Children love to be a part of the process and help to create their own treat. Our best and most treasured memories are made in the kitchen.