January – National Diet Month Women’s Healthy Weight Day (22nd)

Tip: Mind-consuming, time-consuming dieting’s a chore

Tasteless food and hunger pains do sound like such a bore
Down with counting calories, cholesterol and fat
Commit to HEALTHY LIVING, make it simple, just like that!

Ten Commandments of Healthy Living

  1. Thou shalt not starve thy body!
  2. Thou shalt learn about the laws of fat, reduce daily fat intake to 20% and read nutrition labels carefully to detect hidden fats.
  3. Thou shalt eat more fruits and vegetables for fiber, antioxidant vitamins A and C , potassium and other vital nutrients to reduce the risks of cancer and maintain healthy blood pressure.
  4. Thou shalt drink more water for low-calorie, fat-free energy boosting weight control.
  5. Thou shalt eat smaller and more frequent meals to maintain steady insulin levels and keep the fat cells under control.
  6. Thou shalt eat more potatoes, beans, rice and bread the old-fashioned way without the butter, margarine, or cheesy additions!
  7. Thou shalt become acquainted with new spices for fabulous healthy-living flavor without the fat, cholesterol or sodium.
  8. Thou shalt give up one television sitcom each day and MOVE thy body!
  9. Thou shalt not be fooled by fad diets that offer quick results instead of healthy living habits.
  10. Thou shalt not DIET!!!