Speaking Engagements

Author, publisher, spokesperson, and personal fitness trainer

BA In Elementary Education/ Minor in Physical Education

Arizona State University

List of organizations that Jyl has presented to:
American Heart Association
Arizona Heart Institute
Insurance Companies
School Districts (3 year old – 12 grade) – Healthy Living Through Nutrition and Exercise
School Districts to teachers and staff members
APS Utility Company
Success Conference
Discount Tire
Women’s Expo
Anti-aging groups
Food/ Lifestyle seminars

What makes my presentation unique to the fitness industry?
1. I bring in energy and enthusiasm which get people totally involved!
2. I provide simple and easy steps to helping other get control of their lives NOW!!
3. I teach them choices in ways to improve their lifestyles that they can begin today at the seminar and feel extraordinary about themselves.
4. I put them in a WIN/WIN situation which everybody loves!


1. “10 Secrets to Looking and Feeling Absolutely Awesome”
Steinback will share her simple, proven techniques for living a happier, healthier life right before your eyes. This seminar is a lot of fun full of excitement, action, interaction, and lots of self realization. This session will definitely change your life for the better leaving you with an energy that you have never felt before. You will release stress, tension, anger, fear and you will find forgiveness and self love all in the same day. Absolutely mind boggling and you will love every minute of it!

2. “Dieting Doesn’t Work (8 Steps to Healthy Living)”
Dieting Doesn’t Work is a simple yet practical way to learn to eat and live healthy for LIFE! Starting with your kitchen and moving through to healthy cooking, as well as moving your body through exercise and reducing stress are all part of the strategies shown in this seminar to develop steps to why Dieting Doesn¹t Work! It is a fun and active session with lots of interaction.

3. “Getting the Most Out of Life”
Jyl Steinback offers compelling advice on Giving Yourself The Gift Of Health. She helps you make a plan to change your attitude through positive attitude , self-esteem, nutrition, exercise, and how to form healthy habits the easy and enjoyable way. She makes you laugh and be thankful for everything you have in your life today. To find the 90% that is exceptional and not the 10% we focus on. You will set goals you never dreamed of whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. You will see a change and that is a positive!

4. “Selling One and a Half Million Copies and it is Only the Beginning!”
Jyl Steinback offers wonderful ways to self publish through creative marketing, passion, and persistence. The love of finding what is the best avenue when someone says, “It can’t be done” or “Where do I start?” You’ll have ideas in the first five minutes! You won’t be able to wait to try out all these wonderful ideas for you to succeed NOW! Be a # 1 best seller today!

5. “‘What’s Eating You?’ It’s Not About Food! 12 Steps to Taking Control Of your Life”
Jyl’s newest book “What’s Eating You?” will be on the stands in 2000.

a). See It Crystal Clear and Magic will happen – Visualize
b). Fight or Flight from Fear- Let it fly
c). Anger is Hazardous to Your Health
d). Set Yourself Free – Forgive Yourself and Others
e). Becoming Your Own Best Friend – Unconditional Love
f). Laugh at Yourself – Laugh with others- Laughter is the best medicine
g). Let Go of the Pressures in Your Life! – Release Stress
h). Recipes for healthy Nutrition
i). Let the Energy Flow – Exercise
j). Feel it in your heart and soul show your Passion
k). Give Thanks – Gratitude
l). Be Responsible – Commit for LIFE

6. Kids
I go into the classrooms and teach Healthy Lifestyles I am a regular at Liberty Elementary and Shadow Mountain High School But I speak whenever I travel to a variety of schools.