Roll Yourself Thin Exercise Program




in 12 Minutes

A unique series of rolling exercises called ROLL YOURSELF THIN IN 12 MINUTES (“From a cardiac perspective, this is the most appropriate series of exercises that I’ve seen!” Shela Norman R.N. Administrator, Scripps clinic, La Jolla, CA)

In this exercise, you move your body against friction, which creates a significant force that your muscles must work against in order to perform the specific movements over time. Your muscles perform more work during the rolling movements and therefore, more calories and fat are burned.” Diane Levy N.S. P.T. (Retail: $6.00 +$2.00 S&H)

Readers feedback:

“The Roll Yourself Thin inn 12 Minutes program made me feel I CAN DO THIS! Two months later, there’s a difference. My pants are loose-not tight like before. And I enjoy it- it’s not hard like other programs”. Melinda Hinkson Age 48

“I don’t have time to exercise. but now I get a great total-body workout in just 12 minutes. I’ve seen significant results in just two months”. Tabitha Davis Age 33

“I have a bad back. But since I’ve started doing the Roll Yourself Thin program. I feel like the pain and the stiffness really disappear for a while. Thanks.” Shirley Krafft Age 57

“I can roll while I watch television or listen to music. It’s stress-free, stress-less, and stress-releasing” Mikki Eveloff Age 50

Hi Jyl,
I am learning your Roll Yourself Thin exercises and I love them! I am on my sixth day of FAT FREE Living and it is changing my life. Since my first day of living Healthy my intense sugar cravings have totally disappeared and I am at peace with food. It’s been that way EVERY day! A MIRACLE! Thank you! Thank you Jyl and God Bless you and your beautiful family!
Joanne Zutz, Norfolk, NE

Dear Ms. Steinback,
I have been doing the six rolling exercises featured in the May issue of First Magazine for about 9 weeks faithfully and I can definitely attest to the effectiveness of them. The way my clothes are fitting I have lost at least 2 inches through my waist, stomach, and hips. Since I haven’t changed anything else in my life (no diet, etc) I know the exercise from “Roll Yourself Thin In 12 minutes” are working!! What more can I say. . .I love these exercises! I share then with my friends when they ask what I have been doing to lose so much weight. I am 38 years old, married with 2 children. Thank you so much! Suzanne Simmons