Band Yourself in Shape Exercise Program




in 12 Minutes


“This exercise program is unique and different from any other exercise program in that the movements used to strengthen the muscles are ones that are used to perform everyday functional tasks, i.e. level and hill walking, stair climbing, and squatting. These exercises will not only strengthen your muscles more efficiently, but will also significantly improve your everyday function. Integrating knee bends into the exercises will not only strengthen multiple lower extremity muscles at the same time, but will also improve your ability to perform correct lifting techniques and therefore protect your back and help prevent back injuries.”

Diane Levy N.S., P.T.
Physical Therapist
Education Consultant,
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

“Band Yourself in Shape is a truly innovative approach to exercise. Most exercise programs isolate muscle groups. This program utilizes multiple muscle groups working together. Your body moves in this fashion everyday. By combining these ³functional² exercises with resistive bands, you will be able to educate and train your body to work better, feel better and look better.”

Tim Spooner P.T.
Owner of Spooner Physical Therapy
Scottsdale, Arizona and Fountain Hills, Arizona

Band Yourself Into Shape utilizes multi-joint strengthening which promotes stability, improved balance, and over all function. So many exercises these days are designed to isolate one major muscle group, when all of our daily activities are multi-joint. The cuff attachments also make it easier to perform the lower extremity multi-joint exercises. Incorporating these exercises into your exercise program can ease the strain of everyday tasks.”

Deborah M. Alexander, MED, PT, ATC
Golf Enhancement Consultant
Site Coordinator
HealthSouth of Norristown, PA